Get your SSI fredive 1 certificate with me  

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Freediving can be for all!

I do not have focus for extremes, but for joy and control.

Safety is high priority. 

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I am Lars Nielsen from Denmark. I live in Prague since 2011. I have 5 children + 2 "bonus children". I am born in 1973.

I have a long carrear in management and human resources. Now I am self employed.

I am a certified Instructor in the international SSI system. My diplom is Instructor level 1, for max 20m depth.

As an instructor level 1, I have been diving to 30m, made rescue dives from 20m, made static breath hold for 3:15 minutes

just to mention some of the qualifications.

For many years I have been teaching gymnastics, and ocean crawl swimming in our local Triathlon Club.

Also I have been teaching children to swimm and enjoy water.

I have been developing my love for control in & under water in many years, and I want to give others the skills also.

Enjoy safely to swimm under water. Dive with one breath, and return safe and in control to the surface.


I combine the skills from freediving to my personal life. It has made me more happy with whom I am,

and I believe it can make you more happy also.